Grand Valley Highland Games


Two Ways To Pay

Online with a card

If you want the convenience of paying for your registration with a card, we have you covered! Simply scroll down, and register below. Your ability to check out will not display until all required fields are filled out.

check in the mail

We do accept checks in the mail. However, we will still need you to file your registration online. In order to do so, please click below. Your ability to check out will not display until all required fields are filled out.

Vendor Information & Policies

Please contact Colorado State Dept of Revenue download form DR0589 for sale tax

All booths include 2 passes to the festival.

Additional admission passes may be ordered with your application. Please reserve these no later than 30th April 2020. All extra passes NOT ordered in advance will have to be purchased at the gate.

$35.00 will be charged on all returned checks and may disqualify you as a vendor.

All fees are Non-refundable.

Vendors are responsible for cleaning their own area after the festival. If your booth space is not cleaned by 10PM Sunday, a $50 cleaning fee will be charged. Cleaning your booth includes the floor underneath it. Any remaining oil, grease or any other stains will result in being charged a cleaning fee. A tarp of 6 mil or thicker under your booth is recommended and will make it easier to clean at the end of the games.

Food Vendors – Need to contact Mesa County Health Dept. to register.

Upon receipt of application form and fees confirmation will be forwarded to you. If possible, site maps will be sent out in advance. Passes and site maps will be available at check-in.

A limited number of each type of merchandise vendor will be allowed at the festival.

After slot has been purchased, an additional form will be emailed to you for electronic signing. Your registration will not be considered complete until this final step has been done!

Having a wee bit of Trouble?